UF, LSU release new oat variety

Trophy is a new winter oat variety that was co-developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSUAC) and University of Florida and is released under the Sungrains Cooperative small grain breeding program among five Southeastern universities.

Trophy has considerable potential for grain, forage, conservation-tillage, and wildlife purposes in the Southern U.S. Exclusive marketing rights for Trophy have been licensed to Terral Seed Inc. of Lake Providence, La.

Trophy is a medium height oat with a semi-compact panicle and very large, plump kernels. It has excellent grain yield, a very high test weight, and very good straw strength.

It is resistant to prevalent races of crown and stem rust.

Trophy has performed very well in grain and forage yield trials across the region. It has excellent grain yield and very high test weight.

Trophy should be adapted to the region from North Carolina through Arkansas and down into Texas. It is a dual-purpose oat with large seed, broad leaves, and good crown and stem rust resistance.

For more information on Trophy, please visit http://nfrec.ifas.ufl.edu/trophy.htm.

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