Tennessee schedules Senior Bull Test Sale

More than 60 performance tested bulls will soon be sold at the University of Tennessee Bull Test Station, located at the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center.

The Senior Bull Test Sale is scheduled for Jan. 21, 2010, at 12:00 p.m. CST. It will feature 64 Angus bulls that have recently passed the 84-day gain test and the Breeding Soundness Examination.

According to David Kirkpatrick, UT Animal Science professor, all bulls in the sale have excelled in the gain test, meeting strict qualifications in average daily weight gain. The class gained an average of 4.38 pounds per day. The high gaining bull averaged a daily gain of 6.00 pounds per day. This SAF Directive sired calf, consigned by Mathis Angus Farm of Duck River, finished with an adjusted yearling weight of 1294 pounds and a frame score of 6.0. Second place gain honors go to another Hickman County Angus bull consigned by Four Hills Farm of Centerville. This TC Total 410 sired calf gained 5.83 pounds per day and had a 1428-pound adjusted yearling weight with a frame score of 6.8.

Complete test reports and a video are available online at http://animalscience.ag.utk.edu/Beef/BullTestingProgram.html or at UT Extension offices across the state. For catalogs and additional information, contact David Kirkpatrick at 865-974-4294 or email at [email protected]

The Senior Bull Test Sale is a public auction. Prospective buyers will have the opportunity to bid on these outstanding bulls at the Bull Test Station or at the two TeleVideo sites located at the Knoxville Livestock Center and the 4-H Camp in Greeneville.

The purpose of the Bull Testing Station is to provide a standard, impartial post-weaning gain test that will furnish records that will be useful in breeding programs. The Station also provides a market for completely performance-tested bulls and serves as an educational tool for beef cattle improvement.

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