Soybean rust found in Mississippi

Thornton, Miss., is the most recent location Asian soybean rust has been discovered. In a detailed announcement about the find Tom Allen says this the earliest the rust has been found so far north. Even so, no fungicide spraying recommendations have been made.

“We’ve scouted more but found nothing else, so far,” said the assistant Extension/research professor at the Delta Research and Extension Center in Stoneville, Miss., on Saturday.

“We’ll probably be back in the area (around the latest discovery) on Monday and Tuesday, work out in concentric rings looking for more rust. Right now, though, it’s very localized — several fields next to each other.”

There are “a bunch” of late-planted soybeans in the Mid-South that could be threatened with the disease. “Arkansas, alone, has 2 million acres of late beans north of I-40.”

In Mississippi, it’s the soybeans that were only planted three or four weeks ago — now at V-2 or V-3 — that are Allen’s biggest concern. That’s especially true “because many of those are around Natchez and other areas in the south. We’re going to be scouting heavily.”

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