Aerial photos: Bonnie and Colin flood Carolina farms, leave mess behind

Tropical storms Bonnie and Colin gave back-to-back soggy punches to parts of the Southeast. Here is what it looked like, from the air, June 7 on some North Carolina farms after the storms dumped heavy rain on young or just-planted crops.

Some of the pictures were taken in Beaufort County, but most are from Hyde County, where standing water is reported to be the most.

“We had reports of 10-12 inches in some places in both counties.  Not sure about damage yet, or acres affected. I am sure we will see some soybeans replanted in these areas,” said Rod Gurganus, North Carolina State University Extension director in Beaufort County.

Pictures in this gallery were provided by Gurganus. Special thanks goes to the helicopter pilot Sid Cayton, a farmer from Aurora, NC, and Natalie Wayne and Andrea Gibbs from NC State Hyde County Extension.

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