Robinson wins Carver peanut award

A North Carolina State University graduate student has won the first G.W. Carver award from the National Peanut Board.

Bridget Robinson was presented the award at the 34th annual American Peanut Research and Education Society (APRES) meeting recently in Raleigh. The National Peanut Board (NPB) award carried a $1,000 prize for the winner, as well as a $1,000 check to North Carolina State. The NPB has awarded $5.5 million for peanut research since its inception three years ago.

The award is designed to recognize academic excellence and community service in the tradition of legendary peanut researcher George Washington Carver, says Richard Barber, who represents Florida on the NPB. “Carver acted on the belief that education should be used to better the community. He brought the county agent concept to the South and introduced farmers to practical agricultural information that ultimately led to rural economic development. In this first year of the award, we honor a graduate student who demonstrates the spirit and compassion of this exemplary scientist and citizen.”

Robinson grew up visiting farms with her Extension agent father around the tiny town of Jefferson, Oregon. She eventually made her way to North Carolina State, where she earned a master's degree in crop science and agricultural education. She won third place in the graduate student competition at the APRES meeting for her paper, “Yield and Physiological Response of Peanuts to Glyphosate Drift.”

In recognizing Robinson, the NPB cited her extensive work with peanuts, as well as her volunteer work in the community. She has participated in harvesting produce for a food bank and worked in a soup kitchen during spring break.

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