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The Marine Corps recruiting slogan of “A Few Good Men” is also entirely apropos to media treatment of pesticides and biotechnology. With few rare exceptions, whatever outlandish claim is made by ultra enviro organizations is quickly ballyhooed by most of the media as gospel with little attempt to present balance from the other side.

During recent months, amidst hatchet jobs by PBS's Front Line NOVA programs like “Harvest of Fear” and other programs, two outstanding programs which debunked much enviro dogma and exaggeration appeared almost out of the blue.

Programs commended

We commend both of these programs for their honest attempt to really tell the truth and to raise many valid questions about the true aim and activities of many enviro extremist organizations.

First came Fox News Network's second edition of “Vanishing Freedoms” which among many things took to task regulations and government actions, which, for example, cut off water to 1,400 farms in the Klamath River Basin in northern California and south Oregon. All this supposedly to allow sufficient water for salmon and some type of endangered “sucker” fish. (If it's the same type as our “red horse sucker”, we've got plenty of them and we'd be happy to get rid of some!)

At the same time, the Endangered Species Act was invoked to protect salmon in California and the Clean Water Act was utilized to over-ride clearly legal applications of aquatic pesticides authorized under FIFRA.

School situation

Coming right behind this excellent Fox broadcast, John Stossel was allowed by ABC to attack and set straight many mistakes about crop bio-engineering and mis-education going on in our schools. Let us emphasize that all Mr. Stossel did was to ask educators what they were doing to represent the “other” side of the enviro rhetoric which always plays pesticides and GMOs as being wicked, poisonous and dangers to life and “mother earth”.

We understand that one enviro group succeeded in pressuring three families from allowing their children's interviews on the program. Enough others were featured that their absences would not have been noticed, except for the media attention given to it.

Are we really developing a sort of religion that places “mother earth” above all else instead of its being a place which supports use and nurture by man which thus far, is its highest known form of life.

Mr. Stossel of ABC and Fox News deserve a great deal of praise for their courage and honest efforts to tell the truth and place pesticides and GMOs in proper perspective.

If you would like to write to either network, you will find a place to email them your comments on their Websites — and

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