Redball introduces air-assist sprayer

Redball LLC is introducing the InnSector high-coverage air-assist sprayer at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif., this month.

The InnSector sprayer uses hydraulic-drive fans in rotomolded plastic hoods to create a pulsing airflow that increases spray coverage on plants. This improves coverage on the under sides of plant leaves compared to coverage with traditional broadcast sprayers.

“The impellor's design results in a pulsation that mimics wind,” says Steve Claussen, president of Redball LLC, a leading manufacturer of agricultural sprayers. “This rolls leaves around, which gives InnSector its excellent under-leaf spray coverage compared to traditional sprayers.”

In field tests comparing InnSector with a traditional broadcast sprayer, there was virtually no under-side leaf coverage with the traditional sprayer. With InnSector, under-side leaf coverage was as high as 75 percent of coverage on top leaf surfaces.

“Getting good coverage is especially difficult with crops with dense canopies, such as strawberries, grapes, lettuce, broccoli and other specialty crops,” says Claussen.

InnSector was originally developed in the early 1990s by a California inventor, but prototype sprayers were more expensive and mechanical systems had not been refined.

The new InnSector is re-engineered for durability, flexibility and simplicity. For example, the one-piece plastic rotomolded spray hood is more durable and lighter than the multi-piece sheet metal hood it replaces.

The rotomolded spray hood houses the impellor, which is driven by a durable direct-coupled hydraulic motor with beefed up shaft seals especially designed for rough service. Mid-1990s prototypes were belt and pulley driven and included eight moving parts, compared to four moving parts with the new design.

InnSector units can be run at 700 to 1,800 rpms. At 1,800 rpms, air velocity is about 3,900 feet/minute. At 700 rpms, velocity is about 1,700 feet/minute.

Each InnSector hood has a spray width of 22 inches. Multiple hoods can be positioned together to match bed width. Mounting brackets are designed for three-, four- and five-inch rectangular tool bars. Most tractor hydraulics can power up to eight units. PTO-driven hydraulic pump and reservoir kits are available when tractor hydraulic capacity is not sufficient.

Spray nozzles are positioned below the exhaust air duct. This position provides an even spray pattern across the entire air stream and eliminates dripping associated with positioning nozzles inside the hood.

InnSector units are available individually, or can be purchased as complete units. The list price for each individual InnSector unit is $850.

InnSector joins a broad lineup of broadcast and hooded sprayers from Redball LLC, which provides parts and technical support from facilities in Tulare, Calif., and Benson, Minn. For information and to locate your nearest Redball dealer, contact Redball LLC at 1-877-332-2551, or visit Redball on the Web at

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