This new ‘milk’ may enflame my problem

A major part of going to bed at our house revolves around milk.

You can say we’re traditionalists. We prefer milk squeezed from cows.

A major part of going to bed at our house revolves around milk. The practice, more of a ritual really, is called ‘Night Cookies.’ About 45 minutes or so before bedtime, the kids, the wife and I dole out one or two cookies apiece with cold (close to brain-freezing cold for me if possible) glasses of milk. Sometimes one member of the family will get more than two cookies and more than one glass of milk. I’m not naming who.

In fact, when I travel and stay in hotels, if I don’t think ahead and procure some form of cookie and milk, well, I can find it harder to fall asleep. I know this sugary habit isn’t a very healthy way to top off a day. Shooting tequila before bed might be a relatively healthier alternative when compared. Be that as it may, we prefer to have a milk problem over a tequila problem — at least for the time being.

Non-dairy, nut-based milk drinks, I must say, have never garnered much attention around our house. Got nothing against them; just got nothing for them, either.

But a new peanut-based milk drink recently came to my attention. The peanut industry is on board with this peanut milk, and the National Peanut Board proudly touts a chocolate version of this brand.

I’ve yet to try the peanut milk. I believe it hits market later next year. And why not? It’s a novel drink and a way to add to peanut’s portfolio of products, introducing peanut to an established market filled with consumers already familiar with nut-based milks. And peanut milk is sourced from a sustainably-grown commodity with a good story to tell, something young, modern-thinking consumers like to hear, according to those who know something about such trends.

Other than cookies, when I eat chocolate or peanut butter, and especially when the two are lovingly combined as they so often are, I get that itch, and I get it bad. I crave a cold glass of milk. If the chocolate version of this peanut drink somehow tantalizingly melds together the virtues of chocolate and peanut with the soothing, crispy-cold satisfaction of milk, I’m almost scared to try it. If it comes together as I picture in my mind, it could throw fuel to flame on what is already my overly affectionate desire for such things. Yeah, I know. I may have a problem. But we’ll see. I plan to give it a test drive. Sounds too good not to.

Good luck. Take care. And thanks for reading.

Also, I don’t intend with this column to make light of true addiction.

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