Peanut production estimate up 8 percent

Production of peanuts in the United States during 2007 is estimated at 3.74 billion pounds, up 8 percent from the Nov. 1 forecast and 2006.

Planted area, at 1.23 million acres, is down 1 percent from 2006 and represents the lowest planted acreage in the U.S. since 1915. Area for harvest is estimated at 1.2 million acres, down 1 percent from last year and the lowest since 1930.

The U.S. yield is estimated at 3,130 pounds per acre, 217 pounds above the November forecast and up 267 pounds from 2006.

Sorghum grain production in 2007 is estimated at 505 million bushels, down 2 percent from the November forecast but 82 percent above 2006.

Planted area is estimated at 7.72 million acres, up 18 percent from last year, and area harvested for grain, at 6.81 million acres, is up 38 percent from 2006.

Average grain yield, at 74.2 bushels per acre, is down 2.6 bushels from the previous forecast but up 18 bushels from last year.

U.S. tobacco production in 2007 totaled 779 million pounds, up 10 percent from the October forecast and 7 percent above 2006. Growers harvested 356,000 acres in 2007, less than 1 percent above the previous forecast and up 5 percent from last year.

Yield per acre averaged 2,187 pounds, a 187 pound increase from the October forecast and 41 pounds above 2006.

Flue-cured production is estimated at 503 million pounds, 10 percent above the Oct. 1 forecast and 13 percent above last year. Harvested acres totaled 223,000, down 1 percent from the previous forecast but 5 percent above 2006.

Flue-cured yields averaged 2,257 pounds, an increase of 233 pounds from the October forecast and 159 pounds above a year ago.

Despite drought like conditions in the south, flue-cured tobacco faired better than growers originally expected. Yields increased from a year ago in all flue-cured states, except Virginia.

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