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Florida citrus production slightly lower than last year

• Florida citrus growers expect 138 million boxes of citrus as Valencia harvest hits stride. • Grapefruit harvest is expected to be 4.5 million boxes white and 12.5 million boxes colored varieties. • Frozen concentrated orange juice yields tapped at 1.71 gallons per box for Valencia and 1.508465 gallons per box for non-Valencia oranges.

The 2012-2013 Florida all orange production is expected to be 138 million boxes, or down 1 percent from last month, and 6 percent less than last season’s production, according to a report released April 4 by the USDA Agricultural Statistics Board.

The forecast includes 67 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges — or early, midseason, Navel and Temple varieties — and 71 million boxes of Valencia oranges.

The forecast for non-Valencia orange production is unchanged at 67 million boxes.

The route survey, or what is called Row Count, conducted April 1-2, showed 99 percent of all non-Valencia orange rows have been harvested. The Navel portion of the non-Valencia forecast remains unchanged, too, at 2.2 million boxes.

The forecast of Valencia production was lowered by 1 million boxes to 71 million boxes. The Size and Drop survey conducted in late March showed droppage is above the maximum and average size is below minimum.

Estimated utilization to the first of the month is 17 million boxes. The route survey showed 27 percent of the Valencia rows have been harvested. 

The forecast of all grapefruit production is unchanged at 17 million boxes. Of the total grapefruit forecast, 4.5 million are white and 12.5 million are the colored varieties.

According to the report, 72 percent of the white grapefruit and 85 percent of the colored grapefruit rows have been harvested. 

The forecast of all tangerine production is lowered by 200,000 boxes to 3.5 million boxes due to decreased use of the later-maturing Honey tangerine variety.

The early varieties, like Fallglo and Sunburst, remain at 2 million and the Honey variety is reduced to 1.5 million boxes. Eight-six percent of the Honey tangerine rows have been harvested.

The forecast of tangelo production remains unchanged at 1 million boxes, including an allocation of 100,000 boxes for non-certified use. Virtually all tangelo rows have been harvested.

The projection for frozen concentrated orange juice, or FCOJ, is unchanged at 1.61 gallons per box of 42° Brix concentrate.

The projection for Valencia oranges remains at 1.71 gallons per box. The final yield for non-Valencia oranges is 1.508465 gallons per box.

Last season’s final yield for all oranges was 1.628480 gallons per box, 1.529715 gallons per box for non-Valencia oranges and 1.745597 for Valencia oranges.

Regular bloom fruit samples were collected from groves on established routes April 1-2, in Florida’s five major citrus producing areas, and tested April 3. Acid levels are higher and solids Brixs are lower on late oranges than last season.

Unfinished juice per box and solids per box are lower than last season.

Current acid level and Brix in fruit from the Indian River District are higher than in other areas and ratios lower. Fruit from the Indian River has a lower unfinished juice per box and a higher solids per box than fruit from other areas.

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