Virginia board funds small grains projects

During July's annual meeting of the Virginia Small Grains Board, held in Richmond, 25 potential projects were presented to the Board with requests for funds.

Projects ranged from continued support for the Agriculture in the Classroom initiative and grains-related Virginia FFA Foundation activities, to cutting edge agronomic and economic research to assist wheat and barley production in the Commonwealth.

Chairwoman Delores "Dee Dee" Darden led the group in discussions following the project presentations to determine the best use of the Small Grains producer money Fund.

Each member of the Virginia Small Grains Board is nominated by industry and appointed by the Governor to represent one area of small grain producers or industry.

Many participating board members were eager to offer suggestions and comments on potential improvements and results they expect to see upon completion of certain projects.

The Board's approval of 23 projects essentially returns in excess of $312,000 of producer money to benefit Virginia's small grains industry. The majority of the projects that will receive funding are research-based and revolve around the necessary concepts of increasing marketability, maximizing yields and best utilization of conservation practices.

The Virginia Small Grains Board also granted the marketing, promotion and education focuses of the Virginia Grain Producers Association.

For more information, including official meeting minutes which contain the list of proposed projects, visit

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