Kentucky announces soybean yield, quality contest

In an effort to encourage producers to strive for higher yields and higher levels of oil and protein, the Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board (KSPB) is excited to announce the 2008 Kentucky Soybean Quality and Yield Contest.

The quality contest has been outlined to encourage producers to strive for not only high levels of yield, but also high quality beans. Both contests promote the use of good cultural practices to increase profitability for the betterment of Kentucky agriculture.

Any producer (owner-operator, tenant, or tenant-landlord) who produces 10 acres or more of soybeans in the Commonwealth is eligible to enter in either the Single-Crop or Double-Crop Yield Division. Anyone entering the yield contest is also eligible to enter the quality portion of the contest. A $500 award will be given to the producer with the highest protein level and an additional $500 award will be given for the highest level of oil. Second place for oil and protein will receive $250.

This year’s yield awards include:

State Champion: Highest Yield Per Acre in State (Division I or II)…A trip for producer and spouse with up to $1,500 toward expenses for travel, lodging and registration to the Commodity Classic Annual Meeting (provided by KSPB), a trophy and a $500 cash award. Please note the State Champion is not eligible for any other yield award.

Division I: Single-Crop Soybeans

a. First Place Highest Yield Per Acre…Trophy and $750 cash award.

b. Second Place Highest Yield Per Acre…Trophy and $400 cash award.

Division II: Double-Crop Soybeans

a. First Place Highest Yield Per Acre…Trophy and $750 cash award.

b. Second Place Highest Yield Per Acre…Trophy and $400 cash award.

District Awards: State award winners will not receive district awards.

The producer with the highest yield per acre in each of the six districts will receive a plaque and $100 cash award.

All state and division winners will receive awards during the 2009 Commodity Conference held in Bowling Green, Ky. Winners will be provided lodging during the awards banquet by the KSPB. The Kentucky Soybean Association (KSA) will award all winners with a one year complimentary membership in the Association.

The outstanding Agricultural Extension Agents will also be recognized and awarded for their efforts. The agent with the State Champion from his/her county will receive a $250 cash award. The agent who submits completed entries having the highest average yield for the top 3 entries will also receive a $250 cash award. A $500 cash award will be presented to the agent with the most completed entries from his/her county.

Any agricultural Extension agent who submits three or more completed entries (and who did not receive one of the other three agent awards listed above) will receive up to a $100 cash award.

Along with KSA and KSPB, the Kentucky Soybean Quality and Yield Contest is sponsored by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and cooperating agribusinesses.

All Kentucky soybean producers are encouraged to participate in this year’s contest. For a copy of the Rules and Regulations contact your county agricultural Extension agent or the KSPB office at 1-800-232-6769.

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