Hybrid dark-fired tobbaco highlights Tennessee field day

The first hybrid dark-fired tobacco variety will be featured at the University of Tennessee Tobacco Field Day on Thursday, July 6, from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. CDT. The event will be held at the UT Highland Rim Research and Education Center (HRREC) in Springfield. New burley varieties with improved black shank and blue mold tolerance will also be highlighted.

Despite improved varieties, black shank continues to take its toll on tobacco yields. Barry Sims, HRREC director, says visitors to the field day can learn how to use a fungicide to its best advantage to control black shank as well as hear the latest on chemical control of fungal leaf spots.

Sims also says the field day will feature current HRREC research related to efficient use of fertilizer nitrogen and production practices as they relate to the TSNA content of cured leaf.Other topics to be discussed will include the latest techniques in tobacco sucker control and irrigation systems.

Directions to the Center and other information about its operations are available online at http://highlandrim.tennessee.edu/index.htm.

For more information regarding the field day, contact your county UT Extension office or the Highland Rim Research and Education Center at (615) 382-3130.

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