Griffin L.L.C., DuPont teaming up

Griffin L.L.C. and DuPont Crop Protection are teaming up to provide cotton growers with a new program designed to reduce their risks, simplify their purchasing decisions and save them money.

Called OneSource because it aims to help growers purchase all their farm chemical inputs from “one source,” the new program will be available to cotton producers in the Mid-South and Southeast for the 2002 crop season.

“We were looking for a way to help growers make easier decisions in these difficult times,” said Scott Addy, director of marketing for Valdosta, Ga.-based Griffin L.L.C. “We decided to develop a program that could help reduce their concerns about problems they cannot control while lowering their costs and simplifying their decision-making.”

For openers, growers participating in the OneSource program will be eligible for product cost replacement when Mother Nature throws them a curve.

“This benefit reduces the grower's risk exposure from weather disasters, including drought, frosts or freezes, flood, hail, tornadoes or wind, by replacing the cost of qualifying products applied to acres determined unharvestable,” said Addy.

“The second benefit, a cash rebate, lets growers save on factors they can control, such as weeds, insects, timely plant development and harvest preparation,” he noted. “OneSource improves growers' profit margins through a 3 percent cash rebate on qualifying product purchases.”

The third leg of the program offers growers increased simplicity through the stable of 27 cotton products offered by the two companies — herbicides, plant growth regulators, insecticides and harvest aids.

“We believe that no other crop protection company or group of crop protection companies can offer this powerful combination of products and benefits,” said Alex Yang, product manager and OneSource lead for DuPont Crop Protection. “These products provide everything from preplant weed burndown through harvest application.”

To be eligible for the program, growers must enroll either by going online at the OneSource web site: or by calling 1 866 COTTON1 (1-866-268-8661) toll free.

Growers must produce cotton in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia for the 2002 growing season. They must enroll in the program by June 1.

To qualify for product cost replacement, growers must purchase and apply at least two qualifying products for a total minimum net purchase of $25,000. Acres must be determined to be unharvestable due to drought, frost or freeze, flood, hail, tornado or wind damage.

When crop loss occurs, growers must contact their territory manager from Griffin L.L.C. or their district sales manager from Pioneer (a DuPont Company) within 14 days of the disaster event to be reimbursed for the cost of the product.

For the 3 percent cash rebate, growers must purchase and apply two qualifying products for a total minimum net purchase of $50,000 and submit their claim along with copies of invoices by Dec. 15, 2002 to

The following products qualify for OneSource benefits:

HERBICIDES — Assure II, Boa, Cotoran 4L, DF, Cotton-Pro, Direx 4L, DuPont Glyphosate, Glyphosate Original, Harmony Extra, Karmex, Linex, Staple, Staple Plus and Trilin.

PLANT GROWTH REGULATORS — Early Harvest TST, Early Harvest PGR, Mepex.

INSECTICIDES — Asana XL, Atrapa ULV, Atrapa 5E, 8E, Declare, Lannate, Steward and Vydate CL-V.

HARVEST AIDS — CottonQuik, FreeFall and Super Boll.

“A lot of time it is difficult to pin down things that we can that can make a difference for growers,” said Yang. “We believe this program is a good first step in our ongoing efforts to help producers reduce their risks.”

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