Carolina corn grower nears 400 bushels per acre

Several years back the North Carolina Corn Growers Association started a 200 Bushel Per Acre Club.

More recently the club changed to 250 Bushel Per Acre and now claims several members in the 300 Bushel Per Acre Club, including this year’s yield winner Jimmy Harrell and H&H Farms in Snow Hill, NC.

Harrell claimed both the dryland and irrigated championships, coming real close to a new, elite corn growers club — the 400 Bushel Per Acre Club.

In the dryland category H&H Farms won the award with 314 bushels per acre. Harrell says good weather and outstanding hybrid varieties were the primary reasons for such high yields.

In the irrigated category, Harrell’s farm produced a whopping 399 bushels per acre — though not official at the time of the awards, most contend it’s an all-time state record.

North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, Steve Troxler, says Harrell’s record crop is indicative of the innovation shown by North Carolina farmers. “Growing 400 bushels of corn per acre is just an amazing story to me,” Troxler noted in presenting the grower award to Jimmy Harrell.

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