Georgia's wheat yields show decrease

The July 1 crop report shows Georgia’s wheat yield was down from the June 1, forecast, according to the state’s agricultural statistics service. Based on a sample of growers contacted on or about July 1, wheat averaged 45 bushels per acre, down two bushels from the June 1 forecast.

The dry winter and spring months had a more adverse effect on the crop than earlier thought. Acreage harvested for grain is estimated at 130,000 acres, 10,000 acres below last year. Production now is expected to total 5.85 million bushels, 20 percent less than in 2005. Harvest was nearing completion by the end of June.

The July 1 survey indicated Georgia’s 2006 tobacco yield will be above last year’s yield. This initial forecast puts Georgia's average yield at 2,100 pounds per acre, 365 pounds more than in 2005. Tomato spotted wilt virus has been a problem, but it somewhat eased toward the end of June. At the end of June the crop was considered in fair to good condition.

Acres are up this year, with harvested acreage expected to total 18,000 acres, up 13 percent or 2,000 acres from 2005. If these projections are realized, production will amount to 37.8 million pounds, 36 percent more than in 2005.

The second forecast for Georgia's 2006 peach production is down. Hot and dry conditions during June reduced potential production and fruit size. The dry weather, however, has produced an excellent quality peach.

Production is now expected to total 42,000 tons, down 8,000 tons from the June forecast but 2,000 tons more than in 2005. Harvest of this late maturing crop continues more than a week behind normal. The crop was considered to be in fair to good condition. By the end of June, just over a third of the crop had been harvested, which is behind normal.

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