GCC's 2007 referendum wins approval

The Georgia Cotton Commission's programs, in existence since 1965, were reaffirmed for another three years through the producer vote referendum which took place Feb. 5 through March 6.

The referendum was passed by an 88-percent affirmative vote, which means the commission will continue to serve Georgia's cotton producers in the areas of research, promotion and education.

The Commission works closely with the National Cotton Council and Southern Cotton Growers to meet challenges presented to the cotton industry and agriculture as a whole. It funds relevant research and sends these research findings back to producers. Consumer promotion and education activities also are funded through the commission.

“All of us with the Commission appreciate the producers voting to allow us the opportunity to continue our work,” says Commission Chairman Louie Perry of Moultrie. “Being involved with the Commission is very meaningful to our board members. We are all cotton producers who represent the growing areas of the state and have a good feel for needs concerning research and legislation.

“We appreciate the strong vote of confidence by our fellow producers and pledge to continue to focus on the challenges facing our industry.”

Questions and comments from producers about the Georgia Cotton Commission's programs are welcomed and encouraged. They may be directed to Richey Seaton, executive director in the Perry office at 478-988-4235, or [email protected].

Other staff members available to assist producers in the Perry office are Karen Nikitopoulos, communications-program manager, at [email protected], and Martha Harris, office manager, at [email protected].

The Commission's board members, Louie Perry; Marvin Ruark, vice-chairman; Jimmy Webb; Mike Lucas; and Wavell Robinson, also may be contacted through the Commission's office.

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