Farmers market an ag centerpiece

After years of research and planning, ground was finally broken in mid-June for the new State Farmers Market on Pineview Road in Columbia, S.C.

Several hundred people attended the ground-breaking ceremony, including farmers, market vendors, public officials, representatives of agricultural-related organizations and consumers.

“Breaking ground for a new state farmers market has been a long time coming. But we are here not only to celebrate the breaking of ground for a new market, we are also here to celebrate the past, present, and future of the State Farmers Market,” noted Hugh Weathers, secretary of agriculture and industry in South Carolina.

The Commissioner stressed that the effort to build a state farmers market started long before he began his first term in office. “I just happen to be the one in office when it all came to pass. But, I believe that building this new market is a good thing for all of South Carolina, and I am happy to be a part of it all,” Weathers concluded.

South Carolina Congressman Billy Witherspoon, who is chairman of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee said, “The State Farmers Market at Columbia will be a centerpiece of agriculture in our state. I am proud to be a part of this endeavor.”

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture will oversee and manage the new market in partnerships with the University of South Carolina which will buy the current market property at the appraised value, Richland County which purchased the land for the new site, and the major wholesalers from the Bluff Road site who are investing in their own facilities at the new site.

The state of South Carolina and Richland County will invest $40-50 million for construction and land for the new State Farmers Market. Adding the additional cost to vendors for their operations at the new site is expected to bring the total investment to the new facility to $60 million. Columbia is in Richland County, which has committed over $10 million dollars to the development of the new farmers market.

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