Syngenta’s Agri-Mek SC miticide, insecticide registered for soybeans

Soybean growers can now use Syngenta’s Agri-Mek SC miticide/insecticide.

Soybean growers can now use Agri-Mek SC miticide/insecticide. Already trusted by fruit, nut and vegetable growers, Syngenta now offers it to treat difficult-to-manage pests like spider mites in soybeans.

Hot, dry conditions during the flowering and early pod-fill growth stages can significantly hurt soybean yields. These conditions also favor increased populations of twospotted spider mites. According to Purdue University, dry conditions suppress naturally occurring fungi that could otherwise control spider mite populations. Warmer temperatures accelerate developmental times, allowing for spider mite populations to grow rapidly in soybeans.

The active ingredient in Agri-Mek SC, abamectin, is locally systemic and provides a reservoir of protection against mobile forms of spider mites. Upon application, abamectin penetrates the leaf and is rapidly absorbed into the leaf tissue, controlling mites on both the upper and lower leaf surfaces. This translaminar movement makes Agri-Mek SC rainfast once dry and provides residual control that lasts up to 21 days.

Soybean growers have flexibility with Agri-Mek SC for ground or aerial applications.

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