Commission gives approval to fund research

The Georgia Cotton Commission approved direct funding of the following research projects for the fiscal year July 1, 2001, through June 30, 2002.

High Residue Conservation-Tillage System for Cotton — Dewey Lee, $2,750.

A Web-Based Informatics Resource for Reducing Field Genetic Vulnerability in Cotton — Andrew H. Paterson, $20,000.

Integration of Winter Grazing and Irrigated Cotton Production — Gary M. Hill, $20,000.

Economics of Georgia Cotton Production and Marketing — Don Shurley, $18,000.

Beltwide Cotton Conference Study Tour for County Agents — $15,000

Cotton Education Programs — Steve M. Brown, $28,000.

Cotton Field Demonstration Program — Steve M. Brown, $21,000.

County Extension Meeting Sponsorship — Steve M. Brown, $12,000.

Contingency Funds — Steve M. Brown, $4,000.

The total for 2002, invested by the commission is $140,750. Please direct questions about research to Richey Seaton at the commission office, (478) 988-4235 Extension 22.

(See related article on Page 2)

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