Alabama schedules statewide forage conference

The Alabama Statewide Forage Conference is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 15, at the Pike County Cattlemens Association Building in Troy, Ala.

Exhibits open at 8 a.m. with welcome and introductions set for 9 a.m. Presentations and speakers are as follows: Running a Successful Cattle Operation, Kit Pharo, Colorado rancher and consultant; Round Bale Silage and other Forage Preservation Research, Mike McCormick, Louisiana State University; and My Experience with Silvopasture, George Owens, Chipley, Fla., livestock and timber producer.

The lunch speaker is Garry Lacefield, University of Kentucky, with a presentation entitled, “Attitudes of Gratitude.” Afternoon presentations and speakers are as follows: Establishment and Management of Perennial Peanut, Doug Mayo and Kevin Campbell, county agents in Jackson County, Fla., and Madison County, Fla., respectively; Alternative Enterprises for Livestock Farms, Ron Haaland, wildlife management consultant; How Forage Crops Work for Me, Leo Hollinger, Wicox County livestock producer; and Keys to a Profitable Forage Program, Garry Lacefield.

The program will conclude at about 4 p.m., and lunch will be provided. Registration is $10 per person prior to Dec. 1 and will $20 per person thereafter. To pre-register, complete and mail the form below:

For registration information contact Mary Goodman, Funchess Hall, Auburn University, Ala., 36849

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