Agribusiness: Stratego fungicide receives Section 3 label in soybeans

Growers have a new choice for managing soybean diseases, improving overall crop health and increasing yield potential. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted a Section 3 label registration for use of Stratego fungicide on soybeans.

Stratego is approved to control alternaria leaf spot, frogeye leaf spot, anthracnose, septoria brown spot, cercospora blight, pod and stem blight, rhizoctonia aerial blight, powdery mildew, and Asian soybean rust.

Stratego is a fungicide pre-mix of strobilurin and triazole chemistries that provide two different modes of action. In addition, the strobilurin component of the pre-mix, trifloxystrobin, expresses unique leaf retention/redistribution properties. These properties provide improved leaf coverage and locked-in residual control against diseases.

Working together, the pre-mix inhibits spore germination on the plant surface and fungal growth within plant tissues.

Randy Myers, fungicide product manager for row crops, Bayer CropScience, says, “Growers have invested a lot of their resources in evaluating the benefits of fungicides on overall soybean health. Should they or shouldn’t they invest the time and financial resources in a fungicide application? It’s looking like fungicides are a good opportunity

for improving crop health, and in turn boosting soybean yields,” he adds.

“Growers’ fungicide choices to manage anything other than Asian soybean rust were limited until now.”

“Applying fungicides to soybeans is receiving a lot of attention due to the concerns about Asian soybean rust. This also leads to increased attention on the value of fungicides managing secondary diseases in soybeans,” explains Jim Bloomberg, fungicide product development manager, Bayer CropScience.

Bloomberg says that yield returns in soybean fields treated with fungicides may vary due to variables such as selected soybean cultivars and weather conditions.

“During most seasons, a timely fungicide application will increase yields that can result in a significant economic benefit,” Bloomberg says.

Previously, Stratego had a Section 18 Emergency Exemption for use on soybeans to manage Asian soybean rust. Stratego also is approved to manage fungal diseases in corn, rice, peanuts, pecans and cereal grains.

Growers and retailers can learn more about Stratego by visiting the Web site; or, by calling 1-866-99-BAYER.

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