Agribusiness: GloTell receiving positive assessments in the fight against meth

Surveys were recently conducted to determine customer satisfaction with GloTell, an anhydrous ammonia additive, in categories ranging from reduction in theft attempts to ease of use.

Compiled results showed a very positive assessment of the product and its usability. Respondents using GloTell for more than 60 days have seen major reductions in theft attempts.

According to Scott Spelman, the director of sales for GloTell, “Experiences over the winter months this past year have proven that the longer the GloTell is in the anhydrous, the more effective the results. Locations are seeing the thieves try to make methamphetamine with GloTell and when they discover the end result that GloTell creates they do not come back”.

Law enforcement officials are also very pleased with the results according to Capt. Larry Belen of the CCCCAT in Kalamazoo Mich. “Consistent use of GloTell by dealers in southwestern Michigan will significantly put a dent in the number of meth labs in the area” stated Belen. States such as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Oregon have put forth legislation to offer incentives for the use of additives such as GloTell to deter the theft of anhydrous ammonia from agricultural retailers.

Additional results showed that 96 percent of respondents said that they would use GloTell again as well as recommending it to others.

For further information regarding GloTell and its applications visit or contact 1-866-STOP-METH.

In further news, testing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2004 and 2005 has indicated that the products GloTell and N-Serve are fully chemically compatible. GloTell is formulated to be an anhydrous ammonia theft deterrent, and N-Serve is a nitrogen stabilizer for anhydrous ammonia.

Both products are very soluble in anhydrous, and are very insoluble when combined; no chemical reaction occurs between the two materials when introduced into anhydrous ammonia. Testing also indicates that when concentrations of GloTell and N-Serve are combined, no chemical interactions take place in the concentrate mixture.

SIUC’s Vice-Chancellor for Research, John A. Koropchak, said “SIUC is very pleased to have assisted GloTell and Royster-Clark in the research and development of these products that promise to significantly address the serious social problems created by illegal methamphetamine production.”

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