Weeds Are Latest Breakthrough in Roundup Ready Soybeans

The breakthrough technology of Roundup Ready soybeans is now seeing another breakthrough: weeds.

“In the last several years, weed scientists, dealers and growers across the South are reporting more problems with breakthrough weeds in Roundup Ready fields, particularly in a glyphosate-only program,” explains Marsha Martin, DuPont Field Technology Representative.

“Roundup Ready technology is good technology, but there are times when it needs a boost with weeds that break through a solo treatment of Roundup or Touchdown. Weeds to watch out for, especially in a total post Roundup Ready program, include morningglories, hemp sesbania and yellow nutsedge. A Roundup Ultra- or Touchdown-only program won't control these weeds.”

Growers still can go total post and count on more reliable control of these breakthrough weeds by adding DuPont Classic® herbicide as a tank-mix partner. The performance of Classic® is backed by the DuPont Weed-Free Pledge.

Growers qualify for the Weed-Free Pledge if they make a preemergence application of DuPont Canopy XL® herbicide plus Roundup Ultra1, followed by a post treatment of Classic® plus Roundup Ultra1 on their Roundup Ready soybean fields.

Under the pledge, if there's another flush of weeds after using the recommended program, DuPont will pay qualified growers for an additional treatment of up to 32 ounces of Roundup Ultra1, subject to terms and conditions of the DuPont Service Policy.

“The extra punch from Classic® in the tank boosts the control of morningglories, hemp sesbania, yellow nutsedge and other tough weeds that Roundup and Touchdown need help with to control,” Martin points out. “The last several years, sunflower, common cocklebur and giant ragweed also have been prevalent in many fields. Classic® controls these weeds, too.

“A Classic® and Roundup tank mix is an inexpensive way to help assure consistent results — results that are backed by the DuPont Weed-Free Pledge. And cleaner fields mean greater yield potential at harvest.”

For more information about the value of Classic® in a Roundup Ready program and the DuPont Weed-Free Pledge, see your local DuPont Ag Retailer.

Classic® quick facts

  • More reliable control of morningglories, hemp sesbania and yellow nutsedge than Roundup Ultra or Touchdown alone. Makes Roundup Ready technology even better.

  • Classic® adds an extra mode of action to help manage weed resistance.

  • Cleaner fields for maximum yield potential.

  • Classic® herbicide is tank-mix flexible with improved performance, all at a great value.

  • The performance of Classic® is backed by the DuPont Weed-Free Pledge. See your local DuPont Ag Retailer for more information.

1 Other brands of glyphosate also qualify. Always read and follow the label. DuPont, Canopy XL® and Classic® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Roundup, Roundup Ready and Roundup Ultra are registered trademarks of Monsanto Company. Touchdown is a registered trademark of Syngenta. Restricted-use products made by other companies are not noted as such.Copyright © 2001 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. All Rights Reserved.

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