Virginia updates hay newsletter

Virginia’s continuing lack of rain means farmers, in the face of limited production, are feeding hay to their livestock much earlier than usual.

To assist farmers interested in purchasing supplemental stocks of hay, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ (VDACS) Market News Service has made several changes to the Virginia Hay Clearing House newsletter. The newsletter lists resources for Virginia hay and includes some out-of-state hay sources as well.

To help meet the increased demand for hay, VDACS is now issuing the newsletter on a monthly basis instead of quarterly. In addition, the online version is updated daily or as necessary to reflect any changes in the listings.

Beginning with the October issue, each listing will include the date the ad was first published to give readers a better idea of how current the information is.

For the latest issue of the hay newsletter; call 800-552-5521; or write Market News Service, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 102 Governor Street, Suite 368, Richmond, Va. 23219-3676. To receive a copy by fax, call 804-371-4444, press 1 for Virginia Market News Service and specify Document Number 9504.

To subscribe to the newsletter and automatically receive updated issues as soon as they are released via e-mail or fax, select one of these options:

• Fax your request to 804.371.7787.

• Call 800-552-5521, press 0, and tell us which reports to send by e-mail or fax.

• E-mail your request to [email protected].

To list hay to buy or sell in the newsletter, contact Market News by phone anytime at 800/552-5521 (select option 6), via fax at 804-371-7787 or by e-mail to [email protected].

Market News lists current Virginia hay prices on its site and also offers links to hay sources in other states. Buyers and sellers can participate in the Rushville Hay Auction held twice monthly in the Harrisonburg area. For more information, call Tom Weaver at 540-4350020.

For more information, contact J. P. Welch at Virginia Market News Service, 804-786-3947.

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