Valley adds options to 7000 Series

Valmont Irrigation has added several popular options to the Valley 7000 Series center pivot. After working with irrigators during the past growing season, Valmont engineers saw the opportunity to match new options to the growers needs.

Among the new options now available for the 7000 Series are an eight-inch pivot point, a five horsepower booster pump and 10 gauge 11 & 12 conductor span cable. The eight inch pivot point, which has long been popular on the 8000 Series, is an ideal choice for growers replacing a pivot and have an existing pad and connector pipe already in place. The 7000 Series also offers a wide range of sprinkler packages designed to deliver water in a precise pattern matched to individual field conditions.

The 7000 Series structure is designed to be a choice for growers looking for affordability, while offering the durability of Valley gearboxes, control panels and communication options.

The 7000 Series offers the same superior Valley warranty as the 8000 Series. Designed to be the second best pivot in the industry, the 7000 Series offers strength and durability equal to or better than the competition. When field conditions demand the best, the 8000 Series continues to be the center pivot of choice with over a decade of continuous technology advancements.

The Valley network of dealers has been trained to design an irrigation pivot choice suitable to fit specific field conditions and customer demands. Current energy costs and water restrictions require the best possible solution for every grower.

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