UT to host Bull Test Open House

The University of Tennessee Central Bull Test Station is hosting their annual Bull Test Open House on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2008, at the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center in Spring Hill.

The event offers cattlemen and others in the cattle industry an opportunity to learn about a number of hot topics in beef cattle production.

A panel of experts will present the latest research findings in topics like genetics, herd management, and adding value to beef cattle. In addition to the educational sessions, attendees will also have the chance to observe almost 200 performance-tested bulls.

Bull Test Open House begins at 9:30 a.m. The event is free, and lunch will be provided.

Bull Test speakers include

• Neal Schrick, animal science professor, University of Tennessee, "Managing and Using Yearling Bulls in Operation.”

• Kevin Thompson, director of genetic programs, Tennessee Livestock Producers,
 “Utilizing Genetics to Improve Uniformity in Herd and Replacement Heifers.”

• Del King, Owner, King Livestock,
 “Value of Genetics in Feeder Cattle.”

• David Kirkpatrick, animal science professor, University of Tennessee
, “Matching Bull Genetics to the Cowherd.”

Following the program, lunch will be provided by Merial, Molly Manufacturing, Tennessee Farmers Co-Op, and Tennessee Beef Cattle Improvement Association.

The University of Tennessee Central Bull Test Program is designed to improve and promote beef cattle programs through education. It is located at the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center, one of 10 outdoor laboratories operated by UT AgResearch, a division of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. In addition to its agricultural research programs, the UT Institute of Agriculture also provides instruction, research and public service through the UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, the UT College of Veterinary Medicine, and UT Extension offices in every county in the state.

For more information on Bull Test Open House visit the Web site: http://middletennessee.tennessee.edu or call 931-486-2129. To learn more about UT’s bull testing program, go to http://animalscience.ag.utk.edu/beef/bulltest.htm.

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