U.S. peanut acres to drop by five percent

U.S. peanut producers intend to plant 1.47 million acres of peanuts in 2001, down five percent from last year. Of the nine producing states, four intend to plant fewer acres in 2001, four will show no change and one intends to increase peanut acreage.

Southeast situation

Southeast growers — Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina — intend to plant 782,000 acres, down two percent from a year ago. Alabama plans to plant 195,000 acres, compared to 200,000 acres in 2000. In Florida, producers intend to plant 95,000 acres, compared to 94,000 acres last year. Georgia growers intend to plant 480,000 acres, a drop of two percent from last year's 492,000 acres. In South Carolina, growers will plant 12,000 acres, unchanged from last year.

In the Virginia-North Carolina region, producers intend to plant 199,000 acres, unchanged from 2000. North Carolina growers are expected to plant 123,000 acres, unchanged from last year. Virginia growers intend to plant 76,000 acres, also the same acreage as in 2000.

Southwest forecast

Growers in the Southwest, including Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, intend to plant 484,000 acres of peanuts during the 2001 production season. This is 11 percent below the acreage planted in 2000.

Texas producers intend to plant 370,000 acres. This is 13 percent below last year's level of 425,000 acres. In Oklahoma, growers will plant 90,000 acres or seven percent less than last year's 97,000 acres. New Mexico growers will plant 123,000 acres, unchanged from last year.

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