Tobacco production up 3 percent

U.S. all tobacco production for 2009 totaled 823 million pounds, 1 percent above the Oct. 1 forecast and up 3 percent from 2008.

Growers harvested 354,140 acres, up slightly from the previous forecast but virtually unchanged from a year ago. Yield per acre averaged 2,325 pounds per acre, up 21 pounds from the previous forecast and 67 pounds greater than 2008.

Flue cured tobacco production totaled 526 million pounds, 2 percent above the previous forecast and 5 percent greater than last year. Harvested area totaled 224,000 acres in 2009, slightly above the Oct. 1 forecast and a year ago.

Acreage in North Carolina and Virginia increased from last year, while acreage decreased in all other flue cured States.

Yields averaged 2,350 pounds per acre, 43 pounds above the last forecast and up 111 pounds from 2008. Yield per acre increased from a year ago in North Carolina, the leading flue cured state.

Wet soils delayed planting of tobacco in Georgia, while most other states reported ideal conditions for tobacco growth.

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