Tobacco commission reaffirmed

Georgia tobacco growers reaffirmed the Georgia Agricultural Commodity for Tobacco in a recent mail referendum. A total of 335 ballots were returned, with 289 producers voting in favor of the commission and 33 against. There were 13 invalid ballots.

The Georgia Tobacco Commission, funded by tobacco growers, was established in 1962 for the purpose of supporting the industry through research, promotion and educational activities.

The commission consists of five grower members selected from each of the state's five tobacco districts. The commission covers 46 tobacco-producing counties. The commission maintains an offices at the Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton.

The commission has funded research projects to assist growers in combating tomato spotted wilt virus, black shank and other diseases detrimental to Georgia's tobacco crop. The commission has worked with Tobacco Associates and other groups in trying to find additional export markets for Georgia tobacco.

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