Tillage conference set June 27-29

South Carolina is hosting the 27th Annual Conservation Tillage Systems Conference to be held June 27-29 at Clemson University's Pee Dee Research and Education Center located near Florence, S.C.

The Conference is open to scientists, educators, farmers, and private industry professionals from across the southern United States interested in the latest technologies and practices associated with conservation tillage systems.

A wide array of topics will be covered by way of oral and poster presentations, including precision farming, waste management, environmental issues, pest management, and changes in soil quality.

The keynote speaker for the Conference will be John Hassell, Executive Director for the Conservation Technology Information Center located in Purdue, Ind. Hassle is nationally recognized for his expertise on conservation issues related to water quality. A field tour of research programs and an equipment demonstration will be held on June 29. Innovative tractor guidance systems and new technologies related to soil management will be shown.

More information about the Conference program and registration can be found at http://agroecology.clemson.edu/conference.htm. Conference sponsors to date include South Carolina Farm Bureau, Farm Credit, Pioneer, USDA-NRCS, and South Carolina Cotton Board.

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