Tennessee schedules tobacco, forage field day

Despite the season’s dry weather, improving production of two of upper east Tennessee’s most important commodities will be the focus of a field day at the University of Tennessee Research and Education Center at Greeneville.

Scheduled for Thursday, July 19, the event will run from 8 a.m. until 2:50 p.m. EDT.

The program will address issues and practices that will have an impact on the yield and quality of tobacco and forage production, said center director Rob Ellis. “Our goal is to provide producers with the latest information to help them increase net earnings. While drought recovery was not originally scheduled as a topic, it certainly will be among the topics we’ll cover.”

Two tours will focus on tobacco production, featuring expert speakers covering topics like conservation-tillage, managing TSNA levels, variety developments, the H2A migrant worker program and developments in harvest and marketing mechanization.

A forage production tour will feature experts discussing pasture and hay fertilization, extending the grazing season, and the economics of hay storage.

Kelly Tiller, the recently appointed director of operations for UT Institute of Agriculture bioenergy initiatives, will be the featured speaker at a sponsored lunch. Her topic will be an update on the $48.9 million Tennessee Biofuels Initiative.

A trade show and educational exhibits will be open throughout the event.

The field day site is located on East Allens Bridge Road, off Highway 70 in Greeneville.

The UT Research and Education Center at Greeneville is one of 10 branch research units in the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station system. Directions to the Center and other information about its operations are available online at http://tobacco.tennessee.edu/.

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