Tennessee Extension offers beef management calendar

University of Tennessee Extension makes available a calendar to assist beef cattle producers in formulating an overall management plan for their operations.

Adapted from a calendar designed by the University of Kentucky BeefIRM Coordinating Committee, the Tennessee calendar prompts users to set personal and business goals and to schedule various management practices and farm-related activities, including recording monthly cow purchases, sales, deaths, and movements among pasture.

The calendar also assists with planning feed and forage needs as well as scheduling cattle health maintenance.

Having a planned breeding/calving season and the availability of handling or working facilities are very important to getting the most from the calendar, but neither is essential for using the calendar.

Producers participating in process verification marketing programs must maintain records that show the birth dates of the first and last calf born in a calving group. Writing the identification number of these calves on the appropriate date on the calendar can serve as the official record for the program.

Although not required, it is recommended that the birth date and other appropriate information for each calf be recorded.

The calendar and other UT Extension publications that pertain to beef cattle production are available at your local county Extension office. Many, including the calendar, are also available online at http://utextension.tennessee.edu/publications/animals/

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