Tennessee beef program designed for youth

A program designed especially for youth interested in beef production or careers related to agriculture or natural resources will be presented on June 14 at the University of Tennessee at the Blount Unit of the East Tennessee Research and Education Center.

Activities will run concurrent with the University of Tennessee Beef and Forage Field Day.

The day begins with registration and a trade show at 7:30.

While adults learn about cattle management and hay production, young people can choose to attend a beef cattle judging clinic led by UT Extension’s David Kirkpatrick, with assistance from UT Livestock Judging Team members.

The young participants will also attend special discussions on career opportunities in agriculture and preparations needed for students planning to attend college.

Several sessions will be led by UT faculty, including topics covering careers in general agriculture, animal sciences, plant sciences, and food sciences. In particular, scholarship opportunities and admissions requirements at the UT College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources will be discussed.

Both programs are free of charge and run through lunch, which is provided.

Pre-registrations are encouraged by June 8. Contact your local county UT Extension office or call the East Tennessee Research and Education Center at (865) 974-7201.

The UT Beef and Forage Field Day is a cooperative effort of the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station and the UT Extension Eastern Region.

The Blount Unit of the East Tennessee Research and Education Center is located on Singleton Station Road, which is approximately eight miles south of the UT agricultural campus in Knoxville off U.S. Highway 129. If approaching from the south, Singleton Station Road is just over one mile north of the intersection of U.S. 129 and I-140 ( Pellissippi Parkway ).

Further information and a map is available on-line at http://knoxville.tennessee.edu/events/

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