Tennessee ag Web site gets fresh look

The Web site devoted to Tennessee’s major field crops has a new design and some added features that researchers say will help the state’s producers better manage their 2009 crops.

The updated version of UTCrops.com is being unveiled just in time for spring planting season. During the winter months, UT specialists worked diligently to update the site, while maintaining its user-friendly format.

Among the new features to UT Crops is a Nitrogen Rate Calculator. Developed by Angela Thompson McClure, the Nitrogen Rate Calculator is a Web tool that allows the user to submit fertilizer price and expected corn price and then calculates a more profitable corn nitrogen rate. This is very useful information as producers plan budgets.

Another helpful item is the new UT Cotton Blog. This blog addition not only gives the Tennessee cotton community an information resource, but also a place to interact and discuss ideas online. A great way to stay informed on the latest trends and opinions.

UT Professor Scott Stewart helped install many of the new changes. He says the updates reflect the needs of the state’s producers, who are turning to the Internet in growing numbers. According to Stewart, UTCrops.com may receive several thousand hits in a week’s time.

“It’s used a lot, thanks to its usefulness and convenience,” says Stewart. “This site has some great resources, and we provide links to other valuable resources, so a lot of producers use this as a kind of one-stop shop.”

The Web site’s resources are still grouped by commodity, which includes all major row crops in Tennessee. Continue to check out UTCrops.com for weekly market highlights or to view the Tennessee Crop & Pest Management Newsletter. You can also download information about upcoming UT Institute of Agriculture events.

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