TeeJet launches ISOBUS compatible products

TeeJet has recently introduced a line of ISOBUS compatible products. Three products are available now and others will follow in the months ahead.

ISO 11783 (also known as ISOBUS) is the standard for an electronic communication interface to allow single-point control of all agricultural implements from one monitor and enable products from different manufacturers to communicate.

This eliminates the need for multiple control devices, reduces clutter in tractor cabs and enables users to learn just one monitor.

TeeJet's initial ISOBUS offering includes a high-resolution color terminal, a general-purpose joystick and a high-performance job computer suitable for spraying and spreading operations.

Very few manufacturers in North America offer ISOBUS compatible implements at present, but that is about to change according to Rich Gould of TeeJet. He notes, “ISOBUS has made a lot of progress in Europe and the understanding of its benefits is crossing the ocean and beginning to take hold in North America. Many new high horsepower tractors delivered in 2007 will be ISOBUS equipped.”

“Since ISOBUS is a new concept in North America, TeeJet is making an effort to educate growers about it and how it will impact them now and in the future. Anyone contemplating purchasing equipment in the next 12 months should understand the implications of ISOBUS,” Gould continues.

For additional information go to www.teejet.com

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