T-L introduces 5-inch Diameter Pivot Spans

T-L Irrigation Co., a world-class manufacturer of irrigation systems for over 50 years, is pleased to announce the availability of 5-inch Diameter Pivot Spans.

Energy costs, water use regulations and less natural water availability are causing growers to utilize lower volume irrigation systems. T-L has developed a 5-inch span pipe that delivers the following major advantages for this environment:

  • Lower purchase cost compared to standard size spans of six and five eighths-inch or larger.

  • Less weight allows the use of smaller tires, thus placing less strain on the drive train and reducing the wheel track depth.

  • T-L's 5-inch span has significantly less friction loss (40 percent to 60 percent) than the 4-inch or 4.5-inch spans used in “mini-system” pivots.

  • T-L 5-inch spans use the standard tower connections, drive components, tower bases and controls of T-L's larger systems, assuring proven structural integrity and system performance. T-L's unmatched 8 year/24,000 hour gearbox warranty applies.

  • The 5-inch spans are available in lengths longer than mini-pivots. Fewer drive units used results in a lower purchase price and lower maintenance costs.

  • The 5-inch span can be designed into a system with larger diameter spans to attain optimum water delivery and reduced friction loss.

Combine 5-inch spans with T-L's individualized sprinkler package design, hydrostatic drive, low maintenance, and safety and you will have the optimum in pivot irrigation.

Contact T-L Irrigation Co. at 1-800-330-4264, e-mail [email protected] or visit T-L's website at www.tlirr.com.

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