System analyzes TeeJet spray nozzles

Spraying Systems Co. has added a state-of-the-art analyzer to assist with measurement of drop size, distribution and spray droplet velocity. The Particle Droplet Image Analysis (PDIA) system, manufactured by Oxford Lasers Ltd., will be used to document the performance of TeeJet spray nozzles and assist in new product research and development.

The new laser analyzer characterizes sprays from initial formation in the nozzle through deposit on the target. The instrument also provides accurate measurement of non-spherical drops and detects air bubbles within drops — information not available from other types of analyzers and particularly important in determining the performance of air induction spray nozzles.

“Precise drop size data is critical in determining spay drift,” notes Dave Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Spraying Systems Co.'s Mobile Systems Division. “There are many techniques being used today to measure drop size and drift and some are less accurate than others. Our new analyzer utilizes the most advanced technology available and is the same instrument being used by international agricultural certification agencies like BBA.

In addition to being a logical addition to our already well-equipped labs, the new analyzer will help reinforce our position as the leading source for drop size, drift and coverage data,” Smith continued.

Spraying Systems Co., the international leader in spray technology, research and development, is located in Wheaton, Ill.

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