Survey says Georgia cotton yields down, peanuts up

Based on a survey of growers contacted around Oct. 1, crop yields for cotton, corn and tobacco were down from the Sept. 1 survey, according to the USDA-NASS Georgia Field Office.

Peanuts and soybeans showed an increase, while hay was unchanged from the previous estimate. Insect and disease pressure increased during the month. Harvesting conditions during September were favorable.

Corn yield for 2007 is expected to average 118 bushels per harvested acre, two bushels below last month, but six bushels above last year. Irrigation was active this summer.

Total corn production in Georgia is expected to total 55.5 million bushels from 470,000 acres harvested for grain. Production of this size would be 120 percent more than last year. By the end of the first week of October, harvest of corn for grain was 93 percent complete compared with the five year average of 95 percent.

Georgia's 2007 cotton crop is forecast to average 775 pounds of lint per harvested acre, 33 pounds per acre less than last month and 43 pounds less than last year. By the end of the first week of October, most of the cotton crop was rated in fair to good condition.

Acreage expected to be harvested this fall is estimated at 1.01 million acres, the same as last month, but 360,000 less than last year. Production is estimated at 1.63 million bales, 30 percent less than last year's 2.33 million bales.

Peanut production in Georgia is forecast at 1.53 billion pounds, compared with last year's 1.60 billion pounds. Harvested acres are expected to be 520,000 compared with 575,000 in 2006.

Yields across the Georgia Peanut Belt are expected to average 2,950 pounds per acre, up 50 pounds per acre from last month, and 170 pounds more than last year. Irrigating the crop was active this year.

By the end of the first week of October, most of the crop was rated in fair to good condition.

Soybean yields in Georgia are forecast at 30 bushels per acre, one bushel more than last month, and 5 bushels more than last year. Harvested acres are estimated to be 265,000 acres, up 60,000 acres from last month. Production is projected to be 7.95 million bushels, more than double last year's output.

By the end of the first week of October, harvesting was just getting under way.

Tobacco yields for 2007 are expected to average 2,000 pounds per acre, 100 pounds less than last month, but 230 pounds more than in 2006. Disease problems have been less than normal due to the dry summer.

Acreage harvested is expected to be 20,000 acres, the same as last month and 3,000 acres more than last year. This puts potential production at 40.0 million pounds for the year 2007, 33 percent more than in 2006.

Hay production is expected to total 1.02 million tons, the same as the previous forecast, but about 13 percent less than in 2006. Yields are forecast at 1.70 tons per acre, the same as last month, but 0.10 tons less than last year. Dry summer conditions made for low yields.

Acreage cut for hay totals 600,000 acres, unchanged from last month, but 50,000 acres less than in 2006.

Georgia's 2007 pecan production is forecast at 100 million pounds, more than double last year's 42.0 million pounds. Production of improved varieties is forecast at 90 million pounds. Native and seedling production is forecast at 10 million pounds.

Hot dry weather limited nut size in dry land orchards, diseases and insect damage have been kept to minimum.

The Easter freeze damaged some trees in the eastern part of the state, but the major growing area in the southwest escaped most of the damage.

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