Super Duty survives tough road test

The new 2008 F-Series Super Duty will go down in history after completing Bold Endures: America's Toughest Road Test, the longest non-stop test ever recorded, after logging the final mile of a 150,000-mile adventure.

The historic journey, part of a massive marketing launch, adds to the 10 million miles of testing that brought about America's most capable truck.

A trained team of drivers led the effort in the 2008 Ford Super Duty F-450 — the first-ever Class 4 pickup — across 49 states, including Alaska and the District of Columbia, and seven Canadian provinces, while always towing a massive trailer. This innovative truck can tow up to 24,500 pounds, 8,000 pounds more than the nearest competitor.

“Ford tests F-Series trucks to the extremes so customers can take on the toughest jobs every day,” says Ben Poore, Ford truck group marketing manager. “The Bold Endures road test highlights how the new Super Duty Ford F-450 pickup raised this bar so customers can work and play harder.”

The team drove cross-country averaging 1,145 miles a day in all types of terrains and conditions, including temperatures ranging between minus 18 degrees F and more than 100 degrees F.

The team recorded many impressive feats, including:

  • Continually towed a 40-foot triple-axle trailer loaded with up to 18,000 pounds for 150,000 miles.

  • Towed at least 12,000 pounds at all times.

  • Towed an 18,000-pound trailer — a weight no other heavy-duty truck is rated to tow — 100,579 miles (88 days).

  • Drove in elevations from 100 feet below sea level to 9,000 feet above sea level.

  • Drove an average of 1,145 miles per day, including at least 1,000 miles in a 24-hour period 84 times and an amazing 1,537 miles in one 24-hour period

The Bold Endures road test began in Phoenix in December 2006 and traveled across the country 24-hours a day, seven days a week only stopping for routine maintenance.

Ford is working with the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Mich. to secure the truck's place in history next to other road warriors such as the motorhome Charles Kuralt drove across the country to help tell fascinating American stories.

“Everywhere we went across North America, people gave us thumbs up and told us their Ford truck tales,” says Bob Hunt of Michigan, one of the Bold Endures team members who drove the truck across the country. “I think we've proven with the Bold Endures test that the Ford Super Duty is more than ready for any challenge.”

The Bold Endures effort is one of three unique, real-world consumer tests Ford conducted after the new Super Duty's 10-million-mile testing regimen was completed. Ford selected “Team Tough,” a group of 12 truck customers, to test the new 2008 F-Series Super Duty because they hold down some of the toughest jobs around the country.

Ford also partnered with a BP Alaskan oil crew in the “North Slope Tough” test to put the truck through extreme Arctic conditions in the middle of winter.

Consumers can learn more about each of these tests and the new truck at

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