ASA celebrates soyfoods lunch on Capitol Hill

The nation’s soybean producers, through the American Soybean Association (ASA), served an array of soy-based foods to about 200 members of Congress, government officials and industry representatives at the Eighth Annual Congressional Soyfoods Lunch that was held on Capitol Hill.

The luncheon has become an annual forum for ASA and its sponsoring partners to showcase soy-based food products, and to demonstrate the importance and benefits of soyfoods to sound human nutrition. In addition to Members of Congress and key Executive Branch representatives, ASA Board members, state farmer-leaders and media attend.

"ASA’s Congressional Soyfoods Lunch is a unique occasion for the U.S. soybean industry to provide Members of Congress and other government officials with the chance to taste the ever-expanding selection of soyfoods available today," said ASA President Rob Joslin, a soybean producer from Sidney, Ohio. "The health benefits of soy are becoming more widely-known, and this event gives ASA an opportunity to showcase these benefits for policymakers and their staff."

The 2010 Congressional Soyfoods Lunch menu included: Thai Beef Salad, Mediterranean Chicken and Vegetable Pasta, Sautéed Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, Edamame Risotto, and Tropicana Garden Salad. Dessert featured Chocolate Pudding Pies, Soy Toffee Bars and SOYJOY.

Partnering with ASA for the Eighth Annual Congressional Soyfoods Lunch on Capitol Hill were sponsors Archer Daniels Midland Company, Monsanto, Solae, The Soyfoods Council and SOYJOY.

Nutritionists point out that soy can complement or fortify balanced diets, rather than compete with products that are already consumed. Soy foods have become an important staple in U.S. federal nutrition programs, such as the school lunch program, where the addition of soy can benefit existing menus.

ASA represents all U.S. soybean farmers on domestic and international issues of importance to the soybean industry. ASA’s advocacy efforts are made possible through the voluntary membership in ASA by over 22,500 farmers in 31 states where soybeans are grown.

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