Soybean rust found in Georgia

Rust was found on soybeans July 10, for the first time this year in Georgia. It was found on samples collected from sentinel plots at the University of Georgia’s experiment station outside of Attapulgus, Ga.

This station is in southwest Georgia about 15 miles north of Quincy, Fla.

From these samples one leaf out of 100 had seven pustules present. The soybeans were at R4-R5 growth stage. This supports last year’s observations that more mature soybeans are more susceptible to rust than soybeans that have not flowered or are just flowering.

Rust was reported July 7 on soybeans in New Iberia Parrish in Louisiana, the second finding in that state. Though the latest rust finds in south Georgia may indicate it is moving, extreme heat and on-going drought conditions throughout much of south Alabama and Georgia are likely to slow any northward movement.

In South Carolina, Clemson University pathologist John Mueller says no rust has been reported on soybeans or in kudzu in 2006. He notes that if the 2006 pattern follows 2005, Carolina growers should be in the clear for several more weeks.

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