South Carolina peanut meeting is Jan. 31

All peanut growers are invited to attend the annual South Carolina State Peanut Meeting from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, at the First Baptist Church Family Life Center, Hwy. 21 North, in Orangeburg.

During the day-long meeting, there will be several programs of interest to peanut growers.

Included will be:

• Land Plaster Source and Application Timing — Effects on pod zone calcium levels, pod rot, yield, and grade.

• Progress Report on Selecting for a Virginia Type Peanut for South Carolina Conditions.

• Performance of Released Runners and Virginias — Best Bets for 2008.

• Fungicide Program Performance – Making Sense of All the Options.

• Digging Date and Pod Color Effects on Virginia and Runner Variety Crop Values — Risk vs. Reward.

• Beneficial Effects of Peanut Rotation on Cotton and Corn Nematode Counts.

• Spotted Wilt Control; Nutrient Additives; and Inoculants.

For more information, call Jay Chapin, 803-284-3343, [email protected]. For more information about the peanut industry in South Carolina, contact Brad Boozer, 803-734-2200.

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