Showers improve soil moisture in Georgia

The state received light scattered showers mid-week and again over the weekend, according to the USDA, NASS, Georgia Field Office.

A cold front blew through the state during the week ending Nov. 25, causing average high temperatures to fall from the lower to mid-70s to the mid-50s on Friday. Average lows were in the mid-30s to the upper 40s.

Soil moisture conditions were rated at 37 percent very short, 37 percent short, 26 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus.

Showers during the week improved soil moisture conditions. Farmers hope the rains will aid the emergence of small grains, but much more rain is needed for both small grains and winter grazing.

Cold temperatures and low soil moisture has slowed the growth of winter grazing.

Other activities during the week included feeding hay to livestock, and irrigating pastures and small grains.

District comments

District 1 — Northwest

We received a few days of good and needed rain. Most of the winter planted grasses are up and the moisture has already made a difference in the grass. We had a few days of colder temperatures. Scattered showers on Sunday were a welcome sight. Some areas received one quarter to one half inch while other areas received only a trace to none.

District 2 — North Central

Much needed rain/drizzle at least settled the dust. Much needed rain received this week; temperatures have cooled resulting in slowing growth of winter grazing. Finally a little rain. Will push up some small grain plantings.

District 3 — Northeast

Rains Sunday and Monday have greened up pastures.

District 4 — West Central

Almost three quarters of an inch of rain received, soil moisture being the biggest benefactor. Wheat planting almost completed.

District 5 _ Central

Some very light showers this week. Small grain planting nearing completion. Hay feeding to livestock increasing due to very poor pasture conditions. Scattered rain occurred on Thanksgiving. Hoping for more! Farmers holding back on small grain planting due to lack of soil moisture. It has been very dry here for the past several weeks. Low soil moisture has slowed the progress of growing winter grazing.

District 6 — East Central

Some irrigated winter pasture doing well. Irrigating wheat crop to get stands. Feeding a lot of hay. Late planted, late harvested, irrigated cotton doing very well. Peanuts and soybeans doing well overall. Still dry. Did not get showers!

District 7 — Southwest

Received 0.6 of an inch of rainfall. Drought continues. Wheat plantings on schedule despite lack of moisture. Hopefully predicted rains will allow for emergence of wheat crop. Still need more rain for small grains and winter grazing.

District 8 — South Central

Dry. Small grains need rainfall to germinate and to grow. Got some light rainfall, but not much. Not much rain. Just a tenth or two.

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