Seed Treatment Fungicides Available for Use on Soybeans

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Disease Fungicide Active Ingredient Rate/cwt seed
Pythium seed rot Allegiance LS metalaxyl 1.2-2.4 fl oz
damping off, Apron FL metalaxyl 0.75-1.5 fl oz
Phytophthora Apron XL™LS 0.32-0.64 fl oz
damping off Apron 25W metalaxyl 1-2 oz
Apron 50W metalaxyl 0.5-1 oz
Seed decay, Captan 300 captan 2 fl oz
seedling blights Captan 30-DD captan 2 fl oz
Captan 400 captan 1.5-2.5 fl oz
Captan 400D captan 1.5-2.5 fl oz
Captan 75 % captan 1 2/3 oz
Prevail carboxin-PCNB 6.8 fl oz
Rival captan + PCNB + TBZ 4 fl oz
RTU-Vitavax-Thiram carboxin + thiram 6.8 fl oz
42-S Thiram thiram 2 fl oz
Thiram 50WP-Dyed thiram 3.3 oz
Stilleto carboxin-thiram 6.8 fl oz
Vitavax-PCNB carboxin + PCNB 4 fl oz
Vitavax 200 carboxin + thiram 4 fl oz
Vitavax 34 carboxin 3-4 fl oz
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