Redball introduces Model 1460 side-dress fertilizer applicator

A new high-efficiency liquid fertilizer application rig from Redball, LLC, makes it possible to cover more acres per day with side-dress fertilizer applications.

The Model 1460 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator features a 1,600-gallon custom tank, for more acres per fill, and 20-inch spring-cushioned ripple coulters with hydraulic depth-control assist, for accurate fertilizer placement. The tank, which has a stainless steel baffle, has an 8-inch deep box sump for reduced cavitation and more complete cleanout.

To maximize fertilizer use efficiency, the side-dress applicator can be outfitted with the GreenSeeker optical sensing and variable-rate application system as an optional add-on.

GreenSeeker utilizes optical sensors to assess plant biomass and health as the rig moves across the field. Fertilizer rates are adjusted on the go, depending on the crop's yield potential.

“Side-dressing nitrogen using GreenSeeker improves nitrogen use efficiency more than is possible with side-dressing alone,” says Jeff Keiser, precision agriculture business development manager for Redball, LLC.

“Research trials have shown that side-dressing nitrogen on corn using GreenSeeker can increase profits by up to $20 per acre through more effective nitrogen use and/or higher yields.”

The side-dress toolbar has a double 4 × 6-inch frame, twin-cylinder height adjustment and 6-degree down-flex. Gauge wheels are adjustable. The toolbar is available in 22, 30, 36, 38 and 40-inch spacings.

The applicator has a 120 to 160-inch adjustable axle and rides on 380/90 10-ply tires. A John Blue ground-driven pump is standard, as is a 9-gallon fresh water safety tank and a 3-inch quick fill. The applicator is available in green/yellow and blue/white colors.

Optional equipment, in addition to GreenSeeker, includes a hydraulic-driven centrifugal pump with flanged plumbing, a Raven 450 controller and a 2-point hitch.

The Model 1460 Liquid Fertilizer Applicator joins Redball's full line of high-clearance trailer and mounted sprayers, fertilizer application and strip-till equipment. The company also sells parts for agricultural sprayers through its Spray Parts R Us division at

For information and to locate your nearest Redball dealer, visit Redball on the Web at, call 1-877-332-2551 or contact Redball, LLC, at P.O. Box 159, 140 30th Ave. SE, Benson, Minn. 56215.

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