Redball adds Model 580 to lineup

The new Redball Model 580 High-Clearance Trailer Sprayer is the latest addition to the company's Value Line sprayer series, which offers state-of-the-art spraying capabilities at lower prices than are typical for sprayers with similar specifications.

The lower pricing is made possible through manufacturing efficiencies from standardizing features for each sprayer model, says Steve Claussen, president of Redball, LLC. “Producing sprayers with a standard set of features allows us to pass along significant savings to our customers,” says Claussen.

The feature-rich standard configuration on the top-of-the line Model 580 High-Clearance Trailer Sprayer includes a 1,600-gallon tank with a long, sloping deep sump, a 60, 66, 80, 88 or 90 foot front-folding center-pivot boom, patented rubber torsion (Henschen) boom suspension and 72- to 120- inch adjustable 10-bolt axles with 380(14.9)/90R46 rubber. The grower price for the Model 580 sprayer with a 90-foot boom is estimated to be about $28,500, several thousand dollars less than a similar Redball Premium Line sprayer.

The Model 580 sprayer is designed to maximize maneuverability with a hitch-to-axle-center length of just over 16 feet. Productivity is enhanced with 2-inch full-port plumbing, which reduces fill times and increases flow rates. The sprayer features a 1.5-inch regulating valve and 1.5-inch plumbing to the Banjo ball valves, which are located on the boom center section for quicker response time. A Raven 450 speed-compensating controller is standard.

Standard features on the Model 580 sprayer include a 100-gallon clean-water rinse tank, a 15-gallon fresh-water safety tank, a quick-fill solution and fresh-water rinse tanks, a front-facing control panel, a ladder and service platform. A 5.5-gallon eductor with a parallel-link lift, which allows it to be lowered for convenient chemical handling, and a 25-gallon foam marker system are available as field-installed accessories. The sprayer is available in a green/yellow color configuration.

Other sprayers in the Value Line include the Model 570 High-Clearance Trailer Sprayer, the Model 565 Trailer Sprayer, the Model 555 High-Clearance 3-Point Sprayer and the Model 550 Three-Point X-Series sprayer. The Value Line Series complements a full line of Redball high-clearance trailer and three-point sprayers available in tank sizes ranging from 750 to 2,000 gallons with booms from 45 to 132 feet wide.

Redball, LLC, also manufactures fertilizer application and strip-till equipment and sells parts for agricultural sprayers through its Spray Parts R Us division at

For information and to locate your nearest Redball dealer, visit Redball on the Web at, call 1-877-332-2551 or contact Redball, LLC, at P.O. Box 159, 140 30th Ave. SE, Benson, Minn. 56215.

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