ProPlant provides complete control of seeding rates

The new ProPlant Automatic Seed Rate Controller from Micro-Trak allows complete control of your seeding rates from the comfort and convenience of your tractor seat.

Like all Micro-Trak products the ProPlant is simple to set up and calibrate, easy to use and operate and is economically priced, The ProPlant has been designed and packaged in a way that makes installation and calibration a straightforward and simple process.

The ProPlant Seed Rate Controller is designed to provide a consistent and stable rate of seed over a wide range of plant populations. The ProPlant can accommodate up to three individual drive assemblies with on/off control of up to three individual planter sections. Three pre-set seed rates can be pre-programmed for on-the-go seed rate adjustment with additional rate adjustment of as little as 100 seeds per acre.

ProPlant offers two independent displays. Seed rate is shown in one display while the second display can show area and seed totals (in three independent pairs of counters), hydraulic motor rpm, seed spacing, seeds per foot, speed, area per hour and distance, All units are equipped with an RS-232 connection. Variable rate control, as applied mapping and auto section control are options that are easily be activated,

The ProPlant Seed Rate Control kit also features a planter drive assembly that makes installation on the planter quick and simple. This hydraulic drive assembly package totally eliminates the ground drive system and the need to change sprockets and chains for different plant populations.

The drive assembly features a standard mount bracket that adapts to most row crop planters old and new. Various kits are available that allow the system to match specifically to your planter, such as, choice of console kits which can be installed either on drawn or mounted planters with either single of multiple planter drives.

Additional components of the kit include a variety of speed sensor option, a 4.9 or 9.6 cubic inch hydraulic motor and several choices of hydraulic flow control valves.

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