Florida cattle prices higher

Prices received by Florida cattle producers in mid-April were higher compared with the entire month of March.

Hogs at $40.50 per cwt. were $1.10 higher than March and $4.80 more than the previous year. The mid-month price for cows at $49.50 per cwt. was $1.30 higher than a month earlier 30 cents more than a year ago.

Steers and heifers at $97.00 per cwt. were $4.00 more than last month but $3.00 less than a year ago. Calves at $118.00 per cwt. were up $1.00 from the previous month but $5.00 below last year.

The Florida milk price for April was $18.80 per cwt., up 60 cents and $3.60 from last month and last year, respectively.