Perennial peanut day set

The Perennial Peanut Association will have a production workshop and field day at Spence Field on Highway 33 near Moultrie, Ga., June 2.

The field day will feature presentations by several speakers from the Universities of Florida and Georgia as well as field demonstrations of techniques for growing perennial peanuts profitably.

“Florida brings in so much hay for horses, we feel that perennial peanuts can compete with alfalfa,” said Richard Cone, vice president of the Perennial Peanuts Association. “Studies have shown that herds we fed with perennial peanuts did just as well as those on ryegrass pastures.”

For more information, contact Cone at 850 973-2399. He said the Association is asking that interested persons RSVP to that number if they plan to have lunch at the field day.

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